Olana’s Fantastical Polychrome Tower

Polychrome stone, brick, tile, and paint are used on Olana’s fantastical tower

Olana is an Orientalist Victorian masterpiece designed by Calvert Vaux and its owner, landscape artist Frederic Edwin Church. It was built on a hill above the Hudson River in 1870-72. The studio wing was added by Church in 1888-1891. The stone, brick, and polychrome-stenciled villa at Olana is a mixture of Victorian elements and Middle-Eastern decorative motifs. Moorish elements mix with Italianate themes with extensive stenciled decoration on the exterior and interior. It is well worth a visit!

It is shown as an example of Exotic and Eclectic houses in Chapter 2 of Restoring Your Historic House, The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners. This is one of 25 styles and types illustrated in the chapter.

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