Thank You, Old House Journal!

The November issue of Old House Journal has arrived and I am thrilled to find “Restoring Your Historic House, The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners” prominently mentioned on the Editor’s Page! Thank You, Old House Journal!

Patricia Poore writes:

“Surely OHJ readers are the natural audience for this book, which shares our preservation approach. It posits that saving such character-defining features as windows and rooflines, mouldings and woodwork should be a given, even as we renovated for energy efficiency, comfort, and modern life.

The book is part “Vintage Houses” by Hewitt and Bock, part McAlester’s “Field Guide,” and several parts early Old-House-Journal, with a credible amount of true grit in the mix. A lot of information goes into 712 pages! Hanson, a preservation consultant who has restored his own historic house, covers a wide range of projects and house styles, always explaining the why-to along with the how-to. It’s not a picture book; photos are abundant but small and always serve a point made in the text.”

OHJ was my go-to source for good preservation information and inspiration early in my career and it is still a great resource for old house restorers and lovers.

The award-winning and best-selling hardcover book is available in bookstores and from online retailers.

Signed and personalized copies are available directly from the author in the shop on this page, click here: https://yourhistorichouse.com/shop/.

Your local bookstore can order copies from W.W. Norton.

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