Marratt House, Standish, Maine

Marratt House is a museum house in Standish, Maine, owned by Historic New England. The house was built in 1789 as a substantial Federal style farm house. In 1796 Daniel Marrett, a recent Harvard graduate, moved to Standish, to become the town minister and purchased the house. The house remained in the Marratt family for three generations before becoming a museum.

In the mid-19th century, the second generation of Marratts undertook major renovations to the house, updating its exterior to the then-popular Greek Revival style and reorganizing the buildings of the farm into a connected farmstead.

This form developed and was used in a relatively small area of northern New England. In many cases, existing buildings were moved to create the connected form and in other cases new barns or sheds were built to achieve the form. Thomas Hubka’s book, “Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn: The Connected Farm Buildings of New England,” documents its development.

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