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Restoring Your Historic House, The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners is an award-winning and bestselling 720-page hardcover volume with more than 2,000 photos and illustrations, based on more than 40 years of experience.

“I believed there was a need for this book for decades. Many people love old houses and want to do the right things when restoring them, but often are at the mercy of architects, contractors, permitting officials, and home improvement center “associates” with limited knowledge about appropriate materials and methods for work on historic houses. This book will give those homeowners the information they need, whether they are using an architect and contractor or becoming DIY warriors.

I looked for a book like this when I was newly in the field, decades ago, and discovering that no such book existed I waited for someone to write it. And waited. And waited. When publisher Jonathan Eaton of Tilbury House Publishing asked me what I had for book ideas in 2015, I decided this was the time for someone to write it… me! With more than 40-years’ experience in the field and several previous books under my belt, I felt qualified and ready to take it on. Shortly thereafter, architectural photographer David Clough, who I had worked with on a previous book, joined the project.” – Scott T. Hanson, author.

Restoring Your Historic House and other helpful books are available here in our shop to assist you with all your historic restoration projects, current and future!

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