New Orleans Gingerbread Puzzle

The best way to learn about historic houses is to look at them closely, and the most fun way to look at them closely is to do a puzzle showing a wonderful historic house! So, we made a unique and interesting collection of Historic House Puzzles for you to enjoy!

New Orleans Gingerbread Historic House Puzzle
New Orleans Gingerbread

Wood “gingerbread” ornament is a character-defining feature. Elements like this wonderful trim on a shotgun house in New Orleans’ French Quarter are vulnerable to the effects of weather and the neglect of people. Hard to reach elements in particular are often neglected and will deteriorate until they are no longer stable and fall off or are removed. Regular maintenance will avoid this.

The exterior ornament applied to a historic house always reflects the time in which it was created and helps to identify the style of the house. The loss of such elements will have a negative impact on the house. If your house has historic gingerbread that is deteriorated, damaged, or missing, there are appropriate ways to restore or replace it.
This topic is covered Chapter 13 of “Restoring Your Historic House, The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners.”

Click on the dashed box at the top-right in the puzzle box below to open the puzzle to full screen. In the top left, you can change the number of pieces (100 pieces is the default), toggle piece rotation, and change the background color. Then hit “OK” and have fun!

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