Sometimes Walls are Meant to Shimmer…

The dining room at Eustis Estate

This gorgeous wall treatment was created in 1879 by mixing coarse sand with green paint and then gilding the faceted surface with gold-colored bronze power. By the 1970s, the bronze powder had tarnished to brown and the design intent of the room lost. It was painted over with latex paint in a pastel shade…

When Historic New England acquired the William R. Emerson designed Eustis Estate in Milton, MA our firm was hired to do cross-section microscopy paint analysis of the interior and the exterior trim. I worked on the team doing the historic paint analysis to determine what was under the latex paint and had the great pleasure of helping to figure out what was done in 1879, and how to recreate it in 2017. You can read about the process, and other uses of microscopic paint analysis in Restoring Your Historic House, The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners. Pre-order your copy on Barnes & Noble or Amazon today!

A lecture titled “Sparkle and Glow: Light in the Aesthetic Movement Interior” by art historian Karen Zukowski will be held at Eustis Estate on Oct. 10th. https://my.historicnewengland.org/2779/6141

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