Poplar Forest ~ a restoration in-progress

Jefferson’s Poplar Forest is an exceptional in-progress restoration you can visit!

Visiting well-run historic house museums is always useful for getting ideas and inspiration for your restoration project. Visiting a museum house during its restoration is even better. Visiting one designed by Thomas Jefferson for himself being restored by master craftspeople today is the best! I have visited Jefferson’s retreat Poplar Forest several times over 20 years as its meticulous restoration has returned the house to its appearance during his lifetime. I’ve been able to see how the house is put together and talk to the craftspeople doing the work, asking questions about why things were being done as they were. This opportunity is far more educational than a visit to the most expertly interpreted intact museum house. Check out their website at: http://www.poplarforest.org.

Seek out museums doing good restoration work and learn from the masters of the past and of today! If you are ever in the Lynchburg, VA area, I highly recommend a visit to Poplar Forest.

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