Villa Number 1 from John Riddell’s “Architectural Designs for Model Country Residences,” published in Philadelphia in 1861. Tens of thousands of houses in America were built following the plans published in architectural plan books in the 19th and early 20th century. Floor plans are shown below. It is likely there are versions of this design in many towns and cities.

This house was to be built of brick with a “roughcast” (stucco) exterior finish. The text includes notes on construction and finishes. The parlor, dining room, library, hall, and bedrooms were to have plaster cornices and ceiling centerpieces with marble mantels in the parlor and dining room. The tin roofing was to be painted on both sides. The expected cost of the house was $11,500.

These books can be helpful to restorers. The odds of finding the actual design for your own house are low but the color renderings, plans, and construction notes provide information about what was typical of the period. This can help determine what is appropriate for your house, especially if historic features are missing or badly damaged.

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