Don’t Do This! Ivy Clad is Ivy Bad

Don’t Do This! Clinging ivy lends a charming and romantic air to a historic house, while destroying it.

Between the penetration of surfaces necessary to hang on a vertical surface and the moisture trapped against the surface by the leaves and vines, ivy is a disaster happening in slow motion. It is more quickly destructive to wood but will eventually damage masonry surfaces as well.

The Tudor Revival style of the early 20th century looked toward the England of Queen Elizabeth I for inspiration. These houses seem to be particularly attractive to ivy growers as shown here. If you must have ivy or other vining plants on your house, keep it on trelliswork. Plants growing on trelliswork held off the surface is somewhat less destructive, but still not great for a house.

Tudor Revival is one of 25 styles described and illustrated with multiple examples in Chapter 2 of Restoring Your Historic House, The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners. Understanding the style, or styles, of a house will help you identify which features are character-defining so you can prioritize their preservation.

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