Victorian Gingerbread Door Surround

This wonderful Victorian gingerbread door surround is a great example of how changing technology changes architecture. During the Victorian era, steam-powered tools combined with Romantic Movement notions and an enthusiasm for ornament to produce the wood “gingerbread” trim now associated with the period. This door surround added to a Greek Revival style house several decades after it was built is a perfect example of the result.

Without steam-powered tools, the cost of the labor needed to fabricate this door surround would have made it impractical for a middle-class home like this one. With steam power, the work could be done quickly in a mill that specialized in such work and the cost kept within the means of the middle class.

Gingerbread trim is a character-defining feature of many Victorian era houses. Where such trim survives, its preservation should be a high priority, and where there is good documentation that it once existed but is gone, its replication should be considered if at all possible.

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