Boldly Red Greek Revival

Greek Revival is often called America’s first National style, with examples built across the country between the 1820s and 1860s. The style was spread by published builder’s guides that contained drawings for “correct” Classical elements which were often copied with fidelity. The boldly red and white paint scheme on this house makes those Classically inspired elements stand out.

This is a very straight forward example of the style with a strong emphasis on the wide corner pilasters and entablature at the eave line which continues across the side elevations to form a pediment in the gable. The recessed door with surround replicating the pilasters and entablature in a smaller scale is also a common feature of the style.

This bright red is not a historically accurate color, although some Greek Revival houses were originally painted a more muted red made from iron oxide pigment.

Greek Revival is one of the 25 styles and types illustrated in Chapter 2 of Restoring Your Historic House, The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners. Understanding the style of a house is the essential first step in developing a restoration plan that prioritizes the preservation and restoration of character-defining features while making changes necessary for modern life in an old house.

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