Dark Harbor House

The elegance of the late-Victorian Colonial Revival style is exemplified by Dark Harbor House.

Four years ago today I visited the gorgeous Dark Harbor House on an island off the coast of Maine. Photographer Dave Clough had seen and photographed it and suggested it as a possible featured house for the book we were working on. My visit confirmed that it would be an excellent house for the book. It is the grandest of the featured houses selected for inclusion.

Originally built for George and Ellen Philler, the cottage is on an island in Maine. It was designed by architect Fred L. Savage for the Philadelphia banker and his wife and built in 1896, the “cottage” had serious structural and foundation issues from water infiltration before its recent restoration.

Photographer David Clough’s images capturing the beauty of the restored house are presented with the original plans, historic photos, and photos taken before and during the restoration process. It is one of 13 restored houses shot by Clough and featured between the how-to chapters of Restoring Your Historic House, The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners.

The 720 page award-winning and best-selling hardcover book is available in bookstores and from online retailers .

Signed and personalized copies are available directly from the author in the shop on this page, click here: https://yourhistorichouse.com/shop/.

Bookstores can order copies from W.W. Norton.

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