Inspired by Shoppell?

Page from R.W. Shoppell’s “Modern Homes” from 1887 and
a house that may have been inspired by the design.

I posted this house photo the other day and a number of people asked about the plan and several mentioned having seen or lived in similar houses. Here is a page from “Shoppell’s Modern Houses” published in 1887 that my have been the design inspiration for this and similar houses in all parts of the US.

House plan books were very popular during the Victorian era and resulted in multiple houses being built from a given design, often with variations in the detailing to suit local tastes or available materials. R.W. Shoppell’s book was very popular and went through a number of annual editions. This design appears in at least three editions, each with different detailing or adjustments to the plan.

Unlike many plan books, Shoppell offered detailed information on materials, construction methods, and interior decorating. His books are a wealth of information for the historic home owner and several editions can be found in digital form online.

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