Shingle Style or Colonial Revival?

Shingle Style? Colonial Revival? Too close to call?

This house in Easton, PA is a beautiful example of a design not easily categorized as a single architectural style. It has elements drawing from Shingle Style and Colonial Revival harmoniously blended into a cohesive design that doesn’t fall firmly into one category or the other.

Shingle Style houses often feature Colonial Revival detailing and Colonial Revival houses sometimes are shingled. Assigning a style when there are overlapping character-defining features character-defining features comes down to which features are predominant. If neither predominates, the house has two styles.

Many houses have elements drawn from more than one style. Sometimes they were designed that way, like this one, and sometimes they were altered after construction with elements of another style.

Understanding these stylistic elements is key to identifying the character-defining features of the house, which should be the first step in any restoration plan.

Chapter 2 of “Restoring Your Historic House, The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners” explores architectural style identification and how to spot changes made over time.

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