Caribou, Maine Craftsman Bungalow

Classic Craftsman style bungalow in Caribou, Maine.

At the end of the nineteenth century, there was a turn away from the highly elaborate styles of the late Victorian period. Machine-made and mass-produced ornamentation drew particular criticism, and a return to a simpler, hand-crafted aesthetic developed.

In architecture, the movement found expression in several types of houses that were built in great numbers in all parts of the nation. The low-slung Bungalow form came into wide use after 1900 and was enormously popular. Loosely based on, and named for, a type of dwelling in India, the Bungalow was a very popular catalog house style. They were built in a wide range of materials, with discernible regional preferences.

This example has a really wonderful porch with a shingled knee wall and grouped square columns typical of the style. The second story porch takes it to another level. Talk about curb appeal!

Understanding the style of your house is the first step toward a good restoration.

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