Mansard Monday in Owego, NY

An Owego, NY Second Empire style house for Mansard Monday.

The defining feature of a Second Empire style building is the Mansard roof. Typically called a French roof in the U.S. during the 19th century, it was popular during a period when all things French (including the language) were “en vogue” for fashionable middle and upper class Americans. From the eave line down, Second Empire buildings are essential Italianate in style, but their roof gives them a different identity.

Many Mansard roofs are clad in slate shingles, sometimes arranged into patterns in several colors. Wood shingle was also used, often shaped and painted or stained in several colors. This house has asphalt shingles shaped to somewhat resemble patterned slate. This can be an acceptable option when the budget won’t allow the installation of slate or wood.

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