Farmingdale, Maine Queen Anne

A Queen Anne style house overlooking the Kennebec River in Farmingdale, Maine.

This lovely example of the Queen Anne style has a wonderful projecting tower on one side of the façade. A porch with turned and scroll-cut ornament extends the width of the house. The two-story projecting bay window fills the left half of the façade and with its pedimented gable, balances the tower. The patterned shingle (in the gable) and clapboard siding are typical of the style. This is an example of a house that has had vinyl siding installed with great care not to cover trim elements or change the character of the house. I am not a fan of vinyl siding (for a number of reasons) but if it is going to be installed on a historic house, this house shows how it should be done.

Understanding the style of a house is the essential first step in developing a restoration plan that prioritizes the preservation and restoration of character-defining features while making changes necessary for modern life in an old house.

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