Before and After ~ On the Road ~ Savanah Queen Anne

Before and After ~ On the Road ~ Queen Anne House in Savannah, GA.

These photos from Southern Living magazine show one of the wonderful restoration projects facilitated by the Historic Savannah Foundation, one of more than 400 properties saved by the organization in its 65-year history!

According to the article, “HSF works proactively to save and restore properties with their Revolving Fund. ‘We raise private capital from the community and then turn it back out on the streets in the form of acquiring vacant, blighted, endangered historic buildings,’ explains [HSF president and CEO, Daniel] Carey. ‘We intervene and acquire them from the owners. We secure, stabilize, and mothball them. Then we market them to preservation-minded buyers. We sell the building … with a protective easement on the property … and those folks effect a respectful rehabilitation or restoration of the building.'” Profits are used to acquire more threatened properties.

I arrived in Savannah yesterday and photographed dozens of beautiful houses.

Seeing good restoration work done by others can provide great inspiration to tackle your own project.
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