Restored Presidential Houses ~ Montpelier

Before: Old House Journal, after: Montpelier Foundation – Kenneth Wyner.

Sticking with the 4th of July weekend’s theme of restored early presidential houses, this is Montpelier, the home of our fourth President, James Madison.

It is located in Orange, Virginia. Unlike Jefferson’s Monticello and Washington’s Mount Vernon, Montpelier remained in use as a private home until 1984. In the later 19th century, the brick house was coated in stucco and painted pink. After 1900, the house was tripled in size and significantly altered internally. It was restored to its Madison-era (1820) appearance between 2003 and 2008.

The restoration demolished additions made to the house by the DuPont family after 1900, removed the stucco exterior to restore the original brick exterior, and reconstructed the house’s interior as it appeared during Madison’s tenure as owner. The work was based on extensive physical and documentary research. Authentic materials were used in the restoration.

An excellent 2008 Old House Journal article on the restoration can be found at: https://www.oldhouseonline.com/…/finding-james…/

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