Wilder and Maude Rice House

The 1926 Wilder and Maude Rice House in the Hampton Heights neighborhood of Spartanburg, SC.

On the line between Craftsman and Tudor Revival styles, this classic house of the 1920s leans ever so slightly toward Craftsman. A touch of half-timbering in the gables and diamond-pane windows would flip the style to Tudor Revival. When different styles of the same period share common forms, construction techniques, and materials, there can be a fine line between them.

At the end of the nineteenth century, there was a turn away from the highly decorative styles of the late Victorian period. Machine-made and mass-produced ornamentation drew particular criticism, and a return to a simpler, hand-crafted aesthetic developed. In architecture, the movement found expression in several types of houses that were built in great numbers in all parts of the nation. While the low-slung Bungalow form is the best-known type of Craftsman style house, it is not unusual for a Craftsman style house to have a mix of sources like this one.

Understanding the style of a house is the first step in developing a restoration plan that preserves important character-defining features while making changes necessary for contemporary life.

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