Victorian Stained Glass Puzzle

The best way to learn about historic houses is to look at them closely, and the most fun way to look at them closely is to do a puzzle showing a wonderful historic house! So, we made a unique and interesting collection of Historic House Puzzles for you to enjoy!

Victorian Stained Glass Puzzle

Historic stained glass is a character-defining feature. Colored glass was used a lot in the homes of the middle-class and wealthy beginning in the mid-19th century. Its popularity continued into the 20th century, and it was used in homes built in a number of styles. Whether produced by a master artist for a mansion or in a decorator’s factory for a middle-class house, it is characteristic of the time and important to the house’s character. It should be preserved. There are experts who can restore damaged stained glass and provide advice for maintaining and protecting glass that has survived without damage.

This lovely detail from a window in New Hampshire dates to the 1880s and features stylized floral and geometric elements. Care and restoration of decorative art glass is discussed in “Restoring Your Historic House, The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners.”

Click on the dashed box at the top-right in the puzzle box below to open the puzzle to full screen. In the top left, you can change the number of pieces (100 pieces is the default), toggle piece rotation, and change the background color. Then hit “OK” and have fun!

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