1887 Hench House

A different angle on the 1887 Hench House in York, PA. It has become well-known since its dramatic rescue from a demolition order by Jim and Jean Leaman a decade ago. This view shows the less often seen back side of the house. Nearly every bedroom on the second story has access to a porch or balcony.

The house is an excellent example of what is possible even for a house most people would consider “too far gone.” Every house can’t be saved and some truly are too far gone to be saved, but many houses are destroyed every year that could have been saved.

Knowing it is possible is often the first step toward saving a house. The restoration of the Hench House by a retired couple who are not wealthy and did much of the work themselves should be an example to others, and that is the reason it is on the cover of Restoring Your Historic House, The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners.

Now known as the Lady Linden, Hench House is one of 13 featured houses photographed by noted architectural photographer David Clough and presented between the how-to chapters of the book.

The 720 page award-winning and best-selling hardcover book is available in bookstores and from online retailers (it is currently 10% off on Amazon: http://ow.ly/N7ba50y4PSL).

Signed and personalized copies are available directly from the author on this site, click here: https://yourhistorichouse.com/shop/.

Bookstores can order copies from W.W. Norton.

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