This Week’s Historic House Puzzle!

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This Week’s Historic House Puzzle! ~ 1930s Linoleum Pattern.

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This design is from the 1938-39 Northallerton Cork Linoleum catalog. Founded in North Yorkshire, England in the 1860s to produce tarpaulins, a new factory was built to make linoleum flooring in 1890 and closed in 1944. Although largely displaced by vinyl flooring after WWII, linoleum is now enjoying a resurgence as an all-natural, biodegradable, and sustainable flooring option.

The October 1890 issue of “The Furniture Gazette” included a detailed description of the production process at Northallerton’s new linoleum factory. The seven-month-long process started with boiling resins and gums in linseed oil, then pouring the oil on cotton cloth repeatedly for several months, resulting in a stiff jelly which was then ground and boiled. The resulting liquid was cooled in tins and then mixed with fine cork flour. The resulting combination was applied to a strong canvas backing and passed between rollers. The linoleum was dried slowly at 100 degrees. A pattern was then printed on the linoleum using hand presses.

Linoleum is one of many historic floorcoverings included in “Restoring Your Historic House, The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners.”

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