Cabinetmaker’s Shop Window Puzzle

The best way to learn about historic houses is to look at them closely, and the most fun way to look at them closely is to do a puzzle showing a wonderful historic house! So, we made a unique and interesting collection of Historic House Puzzles for you to enjoy!

Cabinetmaker’s Shop Window

People before us have viewed unprecedented times through the wavy glass of our historic windows. Pandemics, Revolutions, civil wars, economic crashes, political and racial turmoil. None of it is new.
This is the view from the Cabinetmaker’s Shop in Colonial Williamsburg, VA. Some of our most famous Revolutionary-era founders have passed by this location, along with thousands of people whose names will never be recorded in a history book. Looking out through old wavy glass, I am reminded of those who passed by before I came along. I feel that I am part of a continuum of those who came before and those who will come after. I believe that this sense of connection to the past and future is essential to the well-being of our society.

People who know history have evidence that life goes on, people adapt, and good times return. There is hope in the view from an old window. Something, by the way, that will never be found in the view from a modern window, which is designed to be thrown away and replaced every 25 years. Our ancestors knew better.
Maintaining and restoring historic windows is covered in “Restoring Your Historic House, The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners.”

Click on the dashed box at the top-right in the puzzle box below to open the puzzle to full screen. In the top left, you can change the number of pieces (100 pieces is the default), toggle piece rotation, and change the background color. Then hit “OK” and have fun!

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